About The Ninja

A Short Biography of The Ninja

Some argue that the Ninja emerged in the wrong century. In a time of relative peace where stealth assassinations and subversive toppling of leaders are better left to others. But instead of melting into a loathsome heap of self pity, the Ninja arose and faced the challenge. He closeted his nunachaku and throwing stars and sought another arena for his skills and passion.

So it passed that, outside the four rice paper walls of his dojo, he discovered his new battlefield – the gridiron. The Ninja applied his centuries-old skills in stealth, precision and surprise to dominate a new foe. The Ninja found football.

And with the same intensity that he had leaped noiselessly from tree limb to fortress wall and with the same focus as flicking poison-tipped darts, the Ninja assailed the football field. Though enchanted by the collisions and force of organized, tackle football, it was flag football that captivated his assassin’s spirit. His ancient training flowed out from his brush as he scripted play after play after play. Flag football routes and schemes, defenses and systems that would dismantle his opponents as quickly and efficiently as the razor edge of his blade or the needle point of his arrow.

And to you the Ninja has bestowed his greatest gift. To you he has entrusted his secrets. To you he has offered a hand to join him in the destruction of a common foe. Will you accept?

The choice is yours.

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